About Us

Hi! We're Steph and Matt.

Pasta-based is a website devoted to mostly Italian, plant-based cooking and baking. I'm Stephanie and along with my partner, Matt, we've been on a plant-based journey since February 2016. It was somewhat of an overnight decision to go vegan after watching a few documentaries on the subject - but it has been one of the best decisions we've ever made.

Growing up in an Italian-American family in a neighborhood where there's a pizzeria on every corner, I had a hard time giving up my childhood favorites. That's why I'm dedicated to providing simple, delicious recipes that remind me of the food I had growing up, making taste a top-priority and using only plant-based ingredients.

About Our Recipes

In this space, I am always sharing delicious Italian inspired recipes. I love to 'veganize' the recipes from my childhood. This food brings me closer to my roots and I hope it inspires you to cook what you love, using ingredients that you love.

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