Top 3 Madden NFL Videos of the Month

top 3 Madden NFL Videos

photo: RBT YouTube

Enjoy watching the top 3 Madden NFL videos from the past month as determined by YouTube views!

Our trending rank score has ranked all of the top Madden NFL Football videos for the past month.  Here are the top 3 Madden NFL gaming videos of the month based on YouTube views including:

  1. Longest Field Goal in Madden 20 (RBT video with 228K views)
  2. Review of Madden 20 Updates (Eric Rayweather video with 148K views)
  3. How Long for NFL Rookies to Win Superbowl in Madden 20 (RBT video with 137K views)

Madden 20 video updates dominate the most viewed NFL gaming videos of the month.  Watch the Top 3 most viewed Madden NFL videos for the month below.

 1)  What’s The Longest Field Goal You can Make in Madden 20


2)  Madden 20 Updates



3)  How Long for Team of NFL Rookies to win Super Bowl in Madden 20


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