National Football League 2019 Schedule: Week 1 Overview

National Football League 2019 week 1

photo: NFL YouTube

The 100th season of the National Football League officially kicked off on Thursday, September 5th! Check out the complete schedule for Week 1...

The first game of the official 2019 NFL season took place on Thursday with the Green Bay Packers beating the Chicago Bears 10-3. The season kick off game featured one of the oldest rivalries in the league, which was fitting given this game marked the start of the  National Football League. The Packers and Bears first faced off over 97 years ago as the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Staleys. The two teams have combined for 199 head-to-head match ups including playoffs and regular games. Watch the Game 1 highlights and view the NFL game schedule for Sunday below!

Packers vs. Bears Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

Sunday’s game schedule will have Tom Brady and Big Ben fighting it out in Pittsburgh. Below is the entire schedule for Week 1, showing the games and which TV networks are carrying each match-up.

National Football League 2019 Regular Season: Week 1 Schedule

NFL 2019 Week 1 Schedule
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